The Process of Job Applications & Interviews



So in my last post a couple of weeks ago, I opened up to you guys and talked a little about my graduation (soooo close!) and how I’m starting to look for jobs. Well I’ve been applying to a bunch of Entry Level positions, because let’s get real- you can’t get the job of your dreams right off the bat unless you know someone.

The whole process is a struggle and super stressful (I have a bunch of stress pimples to show for that) and sometimes you have to go to a bunch of interviews to find the job that fits you best.

Yesterday I went to a 2nd interview for a company that is right by Wall Street in NYC. I went last week for my first interview. The whole process is super bizarre. I waited 20 minutes to get called in and the interview lasted all of about 5 minutes. I felt like it was Speed Dating for a job. They have 3 rounds and I had to wait until the end of the day for a phone call. Let’s just say I was so anxious waiting for that phone call because the 5 minutes that I was there, the manager talked so fast and I basically had about 1 minute to sell my self to the person conducting the interview.

So I got the phone call and they said I made it to the 2nd round and I was so happy because let’s face it, no one wants to get turned down. They wanted me to come back the next day, but I do work Part Time and I was scheduled. So I went in yesterday for the 2nd round which was supposed to be an all day shindig. I was shadowing one of the workers and seeing how they work on a day-to-day basis to see if this was right for me. So I get there and we leave the office and we go to Coney Island. I was like okay, maybe it’s a meeting at another location. They made us pay for our subway faire and of course I lose my Metro Card after just purchasing. When we get to the location, they are giving out phones to people who qualify for a government-funded phone. This a campaign they are apparently helping with. This was not explained to me in the first interview as well as the job description. I thought it was a customer relations specialist, that’s what I applied for as it was Entry Level-not giving out a product and having to meet a quota. Anyways, I made a friend and we both left as it was a waste of time. They told us each two different stories of what was going on and the job we applied for.

So as you can tell I had a great first interview failure. I know now to do even more research on the companies I apply to and make sure they are not BSing me with the job I’m applying for. I wasted two whole days in NYC and time that I will never get back but that is life and at least the weather was nice. 😉

Do you guys have any situations like mine?






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