Bluetooth Headphones


Hey guys!!!! So if you’re like me and you hate having headphones with long wires, then bluetooth headphones are for you! For whatever reason, my regular head phones always seem to tangle up and make its way into a knot. The knot is either super hard to get out or it damages the wires inside.

I was lucky enough to be able to buy a pair of bluetooth (almost wireless) headphones at a discounted rate to share and review.

The headphones are nice, though they are a bit bulky for ear pieces. The wire that goes in the back is a little long- I would change that or allow it to adjust different lengths.


So far it’s been great when I use the option to connect it to my phone for a phone call but I feel like I need to yell or speak louder for the other person to hear me.

Overall I feel that these are a good product, but we shall see if they last longer than a month (fingers crossed).

Check out the headphones here to learn more.





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